We’d love to use our ASL Virtual Wand to help you create magic through one of our workshops. Dynamic classes are offered to signing deaf or hearing children (ages 6 and older) and individuals learning to sign!


*Each workshop includes materials unless otherwise noted.

*Workshops vary in levels of ASL skill. Some workshops require fluency in ASL, 
while others are suitable for new signers. Contact us to customize for your group’s needs!

Lights, Camera, ASL!


Videos are how we get most of our information in today’s media age. Join the ranks of successful video producers and learn how to create a film from start to end. In this three-hour workshop, students learn about video creation and editing through an immersion-style approach. Participants learn how to use software like iMovie and FinalCutPro X from start to end. Activities include creating storyboards, filming, and then editing to create a film.


Note: Students must provide own laptops with iMovie installed. 

Drawing & Painting


Early art experiences are essential for self-expression, especially among young students. In this three-hour workshop, the ASL Virtual Wand is used to spark participants’ imagination, creativity, and appreciation in art.


Participants are introduced to basic drawing skills to create a picture of any subject they choose. They first sketch the subject on a blank canvas and then learn how to turn it into a masterpiece through easy-to-learn design elements and principles. Mediums used include pencil, ink, watercolors, and acrylics.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

STEAM has quickly become a favorite among young students, especially for its excellence in combining logic with creativity.

Benefits of STEAM include:
• Building problem-solving skills
• Testing different approaches to building a structure
• Learning math and science while having fun
• Engaging in real-world engineering work
• Exploring engineering or math/science-related career options

Students learn about STEAM principles while designing and building their own rockets, catapults, parachutes, and other fun devices. This three-hour workshop is ideal for upper elementary students who love to apply analytical thinking and solving real-world problems that are integrated with art, imagination, creativity, and fun.

ASL/English Tutoring

Sometimes you need just a bit of extra time and help to get your skills to a higher level, whether you’re studying ASL or English. Each session has specific objectives, and can include grammar, spelling, vocabulary, essays, or presentations.

With ongoing assessments and an individualized development plan tailored to your needs, you can be confident you receive the most optimal feedback possible. Your progress is monitored throughout each session to make you have opportunities to strengthen your skills and expand your knowledge.  Each session has specific objectives, and can include grammar, spelling, vocabulary, essays, or presentations.

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